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Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Maintenance Checklist

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    Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Maintenance Checklist

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      The restaurant industry is expanding at an alarming pace, creating service for an increasing number of people.

      This places the restaurant’s kitchen in a very important position.

      It is their main breadwinner.

      A foul-smelling, unhygienic, or cluttered kitchen could ruin your service drastically.

      The maintenance of restaurant kitchens, therefore, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success and longevity of your business.

      More than half of the restaurant owners choose to ignore the proper maintenance of their kitchens.

      We at Speedy Appliance Repair believe you should not.

      Stringent maintenance requirements in the U.S. state that you conduct regular cleanups and checkups of your kitchen supplies, storage facilities, and other equipment.

      These ensure that not only the food you churn out of these kitchens is clean and hygienic but also that the service you give is not impeded by obsolete work equipment.

      Regular restaurant maintenance will shield you during unexpected inspection visits.

      We have compiled a restaurant kitchen equipment maintenance checklist to help keep you on track.

      While the methods we suggest here may differ from kitchen to kitchen depending upon the size of your business, it does give a general idea of how to go about it.

      Note also that, in most cases, it is best to follow the manufacturing guidelines given on your equipment to ensure less utility consumption and higher longevity of your products.

      What Is A Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Maintenance Checklist?

      A restaurant kitchen equipment maintenance checklist, as the name implies, is a list of all the regulatory maintenance checkups you should be doing to keep your kitchen maintained.

      It involves anything from hygiene maintenance to equipment servicing and more.

      Restaurant owners use these checklists to ensure that their operations are smoothing and running efficiently.

      A faulty piece of equipment may require an appliance repair expert like Speedy Appliance Repair to make everything operational.

      Contact us today!

      If you are struggling with appliance repair, we suggest reading this blog on where to find appliance repair experts near me.

      How Should Your Equipment Maintenance Checklist Look Like?

      The best restaurants pay attention to regular home appliance repair and maintenance of the crockery, floors, storage spaces, cooking ranges, etc.

      Below we cover some of the most important areas in the kitchen that require your attention.

      Step 1: Start With The Floor

      How many times do we choose to ignore our kitchen floors when cooking?

      While brooming away major trash on the floor is one thing, seldom do we disinfect our floors properly.

      • Your kitchen floors should be clean, and care must be taken to enter with clean shoes.
      • They must be slip free to prevent any accidents while running from one counter to another.
      • There should not be any cracks or holes in the floor to prevent insects from coming in.
      • Ensure that the drainage system is functional
      • Degrease the floor in case of regular spills on the floor.

      Step 2: Look Into The Storage Spaces

      Most of the food gets ruined because it has not been stored properly.

      It either gets prone to spillage or infestation by insects.

      • Your storage spaces need to be properly compartmentalized to ensure that everything is in its place.
      • Label the food properly so it’s easier to locate, employees need to be efficient in the FIFO system.
      • Ensure the right temperatures in the storage room, so food does not spoil.

      Step 3: Check The Dishwasher And Cooking Ranges

      If these foundational pieces of equipment fail to function properly, it could cost you a lot.


      • Clean the ranges regularly and keep degreasing them.
      • Train staff to use the range properly to avoid any hazards and ensure that the thermostat is operational.
      • For the dishwasher, clean it every 15-20 cycles.
      • Ensure that food does not remain stuck within it, so train employees.

      Step 4: Degrease The Fryers And Cutlery

      It is a no-brainer that the pots you cook in should be clean.

      • Clean burners and grease filters regularly.
      • Clean griddles and grills immediately after use to ensure that the greasy food does not remain stuck on the metal

      Step 5: Maintain The Functionality Of Your Fridge

      Food that is improperly stored at the wrong temperatures can rot.

      This could increase your supply cost.

      It is imperative to do regular service of your fridge, which can be done professionally by an appliance technician.

      • Check suction line insulation and ensure that the doors are properly closed to prevent hot air from entering.
      • Check if the thermostat and defrost timers are working
      • Make sure that the electricity supply is adequate
      • Regularly clean the gaskets and the fridge and remove food that has rotten.


      We hope that this checklist gives you a good starting point.

      If you need more help with your restaurant kitchen equipment maintenance checklist, reach out today.

      We are more than willing to assist you!

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