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      Malfunctioning stoves can be a big issue when it fails to work during a normal day.

      We end up buying a cooked meal rather than getting it done ourselves.

      It is necessary to schedule a stove repair and maintenance to keep it working for a long time.

      Home appliance repair is a good thing for our machines to work on normal or busy days without delaying our work.

      Is it working right? Does it have unnecessary noise during its function? If yes, there are possible repair tips that we can do.

      Of course, stove repair can only be done by people equipped with the right knowledge, tools, and equipment.

      However, partnering with an appliance repair company changes the story.

      Our machine will surely function right after a quick service done by the professionals that are on-site after the call.

      DIY Repair Vs. Professional Repair

      As mentioned above, we owners can do the repair ourselves if we are knowledgeable enough about what things are needed during the work.

      What are the advantages of doing it ourselves?

      Of course, we can save a little money but it will take a long time to finish the repair.

      On the other hand, calling an appliance handyman changes the story.

      We can surely save time and effort thus our machines will function right without causing another delay and issues along the way.

      Moreover, letting a professional deal with the issue can ease our worries after the service is done.

      The good thing is that we can ensure that our stove is excellently repaired.

      Speedy Appliance Repair offers stove repair, replacement, and maintenance services that are ideal during such moments.

      We do repairs and replacements while securing the quality of our services.

      Our team consists of equipped individuals that are able to do the repair.

      Call our customer service team and we will talk about the details of the services that we offer.

      Know-How Tips About Stove Repair

      Cooking daily is one activity that we normally do.

      Whether we are busy or not, we will surely be in the kitchen working on something to eat during the day.

      A broken stove can be frustrating, especially at moments when we need to use it.

      Here are some know-how tips about stove repair that can be of great help during such times:

      Gas Burner Won’t Ignite

      It can be stressful standing in front of the stove waiting for the gas burner to ignite or light.

      For pilot light stoves, check the pilot light and lift up your grates to thoroughly assess the range top.

      If the pilot is out, light it up using a match. If not, adjust the pilot screw and manually lift the pilot out.

      Turn the screw and lit the pilot using a match when everything is set.

      Try to unclog or remove the pilot orifice and check whether it has dirt build up or not.

      Use a small wire or a pipe cleaner to clean the orifice and install it right back after cleaning it.

      If nothing works after cleaning, seeking professional advice is the most ideal way of dealing with the issue.

      For electronic ignition stove tops, this type of stove has some ‘clicking’ sound before it lights.

      Ensure that the stove is plugged in and that no wires are tripped or damaged along the lines.

      If the burner won’t light, then there is no flow of gas through the line.

      Try loosening the connection and assess whether it lights or not.

      It will function when we hear a light flowing sound along the connection.

      If nothing happens, seeking help from an appliance handyman or a trusted company will make things easier and faster.

      Gas Range Pilot Goes Out After A Few Minutes

      This issue usually happens when the pilot light is too low or directly below the gas range.

      We need to adjust the gas supply adjustment screw.

      Turning or adjusting the screw will change the height of the flame. This way, we can clearly see the changes on the flame.

      Gas Stoves Not Getting Hot Enough

      Clean all the burners for any grease and other food residues.


      Also, check the flames if they are steady or not.


      Adjust the air-shutter on each burner. Thus, loosening the shutter of the retaining screw will somehow help to adjust how the gas is distributed between burners.

      Call A Professional Handyman

      Of course, doing DIY repairs have limitations. We can do simple things like cleaning the stoves or checking the condition of the flames.


      Leaving the job to the people who are equipped enough to do the repair and maintenance can make things easier.


      Also, seeking help from our team will be of great help to the machine as well as to the owner.


      Call our customer service team and we will be happy to lend our hands in service.


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