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How To Tell If Your Fridge Is Broken

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    How To Tell If Your Fridge Is Broken

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      It’s sometimes easy to tell when your fridge is broken–like when warm food starts showing up where it shouldn’t be.

      But other times, the signs that your refrigerator isn’t working correctly can be more subtle.

      To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the symptoms of how to tell if your fridge is broken that needs repair.

      My Fridge is Noisy?

      Are you concerned about the noises your brand-new fridge is making, don’t be.

      It’s likely because it’s new and needs to be broken in.

      However, if the noise is bothersome or gradually gets louder over time, this could signal a build-up of ice, damage to the fan motor or blade, or other issues with the condenser.

      If your fridge starts making unusual noises, the best thing to do is contact our appliance technician at Speedy Appliance Repair right away.

      We’ll be able to tell you what’s wrong and assist you with home appliance repairs.

      In some cases, though, it might be cheaper to get a new fridge than try to repair the old one.

      No Water Coming Out of The Dispenser

      Many fridges these days come with a water dispenser.

      You know, the ones where you press a button and get ice-cold water?

      They’re convenient.

      However, older models can be more trouble than they’re worth sometimes.

      If your dispenser isn’t working, nine times out of ten, it’s because the water filter is clogged.

      Over time, the water filter can become blocked with debris and contaminants, which it is supposed to be filtering out.

      As a result, the filter needs to be changed regularly.

      While newer fridges feature a sensor that lets you know when it needs cleaning, older fridges do not have this feature.

      Routine maintenance done by a professional is recommended to stop your water filter clogging before it becomes an issue.

      Fridge Constantly Running or Cycling

      Your fridge is the most power-hungry appliance in your home.

      So when it runs more than usual, your energy bill can skyrocket.

      The constant hum might be comforting – after all, that must mean it’s working!

      But actually, it often means the opposite: your fridge needs cleaning urgently.

      The best-case scenario is that your fridge needs a good cleaning from behind and underneath – slide it out from the wall and thoroughly vacuum it.

      In some cases, you need to have the condenser coils cleaned by a professional.

      Warm Fridge

      If you find that your food is growing mold or smells terrible when you open it, the cooling system in your fridge might not be functioning correctly.

      Start by seeing if the temperature setting is off.

      If it’s simply adjusting the temperature, that could fix the problem.

      If the temperature seems fine, but the fridge isn’t cooling correctly, you’ll need to call a professional for help at Speedy Appliance Repair.

      Fridge coils and seals can weaken over time, which leads to less cooling power.

      If the fridge is still not working correctly after checking those two things, there may be a more significant issue like a blockage or motor problem.

      In this case, it would be best to let a professional look at it.

      Fridge Water Leaks

      As you can imagine, water pooling under the fridge is not something any homeowner wants to deal with.

      However, it’s often an easy problem to fix.

      Water leakage is typically due to one of two possible problems: a blocked or clogged defrost drain or a clogged water line.

      The latter happens when food or debris clogs up the hose, leading to ice build-up, which then leaks out of the freezer over time.

      Condensation or Ice Build-up Inside The Fridge

      Condensation and ice build-up on the walls or ceiling of your fridge is a common issue caused by humid air entering the refrigerator.

      This is usually because the door isn’t sealing correctly or there’s a problem with one of the vents.

      When this happens, it significantly reduces your fridge’s efficiency because it has to maintain a consistent temperature.

      To fix this problem, you need to identify where the humid air is coming from and address that issue directly.

      If something is blocking one of the vents, remove whatever is blocking it.

      Furthermore, make sure that nothing is obstructing airflow in the future.

      Alternatively, if you think the humidity is entering through gaps in the door seal.

      You can try replacing the seal (as described above).

      You can also try increasing or decreasing the setting on your fridge so that it runs less frequently—which can help prevent condensation build-up.

      Only you can decide if it’s an issue you’re willing to live with or a problem drastic enough to seek professional help from an appliance repair expert.

      Final Words

      A fridge that isn’t working can cause significant problems—like wasted food or hot drinks!

      If your fridge has been acting strange, look for these three signs.

      1. Noisy unit
      2. Condensation or ice inside
      3. Warmer than usual temperatures

      If you see any of these issues, call us so we can take a look and see what needs to be done.

      We know how to tell if your fridge is broken.

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